Adopting the finops model for an eco-friendly IT: this open source repository is aimed at all players in the digital world, and more particularly those confronted with pay-per-use and new public cloud practices. Decision-makers, managers, consultants, engineers, sys admins, product owners, business analysts, financial controllers and developers, this is yours!

To optimize your IT consumption, its environmental footprint and the value you get from your cloud services, you will need to adopt a finops approach. This repository is a live repository of good practices and will guide you towards a controlled, economical and sustainable it.

Organization & key roles

The implementation of finops practices in any organization relies on specific roles and competencies.
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The framework

Not all companies are at the same level of cloud adoption. The finops approach is therefore proposed in progressive stages of practice, depending on your current expertise and on your needs.
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FinOps best practices

Open Source

FinOps.World is licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0.
This license allows you to adapt the framework according to your own experience.
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