Training and knowledge sharing

Key role(s)


Begin to share the expertise and skills development of the teams


Getting the teams involved in the process

First stone in the edifice of expertise sharing: Training and dissemination of the knowledge accumulated during this first phase.

We can therefore imagine the following actions:

The formalization of feedback in the form of conferences, blogs, videos or newsletters.

Finops experience feedback

Retrospective sessions with management and IT teams to share lessons learned (very useful to get more buy-in for the next steps!).

Retrospective sessions
Retrospective sessions

The availability of best practices in tagging, rightsizing, booking,…

Dissemination of best practices
Dissemination of best practices

And the setting up of a "toll-free number" for implementation support, technical support, knowledge sharing, etc.

Toll free number for finops support
Toll free number
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Destruction of unused resources

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Definition of objectives and kpis

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