CSP/Regions Eligibility process

Key role(s)


Define an enterprise-friendly cloud provider and region selection process


Optimize the costs for a given solution taking into account the constraints

Companies that adopt the Cloud rarely choose a "mono-cloud only" strategy. The strategy is most often hybrid (let's keep "Legacy" and some multi-cloud). The idea here is therefore to integrate the choice of hosting destination in a standardised process for each (new) solution.

Here is an example to illustrate the practice:

  • The company NewCo has defined a Cloud First strategy oriented multi-cloud AWS and Azure.
  • It has a preference for AWS unless there are strong constraints on the technology side or if the envisaged cost is significantly more based on Azure.
  • The company has already selected the possible regions for each of the suppliers according to latency, compliance, cost, etc...

From there, the decision process for a new solution can be very simple:

High-level decision-making process SPC & Region
High-level decision-making process SPC & Region

A more sophisticated process could take into account:

  • the BU at the origin of the request,
  • the type of application,
  • the level of confidentiality required,
  • the regulatory constraints that apply,
  • the latency constraints,
  • the target customers,
  • etc.
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