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To know more about FinOps.World
finance + opération
FinOps ? It is a contraction of the words Finance and Operations, same as for the DevOps model that contracts Development and Operations. The idea behind FinOps is to ensure that the Cloud is managed in a financial and sustainable manner. To make it simple: giving better visibility on Cloud consumption and optimizing it by making tradeoffs.
But here we are…you are interested in the FinOps approach, are looking for information but cannot find standards on the topic? Then FinOps.World is made for you!

FinOps.World is for anyone who would like to learn or know more about the holistic FinOps and agnostic Cloud approach based on a complete repository of best practices layered on three maturity levels.

The objective? Adopt a real expenditures governance in the Cloud.

And because we believe in collaboration (even if the governance of this repository is still to be defined) and in the strength in numbers, we have decided to publish the FINOPS.WORLD repository under a « Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 » license. This license allows you to enrich the document according to your own experience.

We would like also to be independent of market players, influencers, but also of software editors.

In our perspective of continuous improvement, you can join and participate in FinOps.World in its enrichment and dissemination. Contact us via the following address ( and join us on our Gitlab to collaborate on the repository.

And who is
behind all this?

Timspirit, a committed consulting firm that supports the transformations of information systems management and digital market players

For more than 10 years, our consultants have been helping our clients in their ambition for business, technical, and human success. We support our clients on 4 complementary specialties: Smart Sourcing, Agile Xperience, Service Excellence and Transform to Cloud.

Throughout all these domains, we intervene in terms of strategy, transformation, operational support, and training.