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You have the permission to:


copy, distribute, and communicate the material using all means and all formats


remix, transform, and create using the material for any utilization including commercial use
The producer cannot take away the authorizations granted by the license as long as you apply the following terms and conditions:


You must credit the work, include a link to the license and indicate if any modifications have been made to the work. You have to indicate this information by all means necessary, without suggesting that the offer or supports you or supports the way you used their work.


In case you make a remix, you transform, or create using the material of the original work, you have to distribute the modified work with the same conditions, meaning with the same license used to distribute the original work.


You are not authorized to apply legal terms or technical measures that would legally restrain others in using the work with the conditions described in the license.
You are under no obligation to respect the license for elements or material belonging to the public or in the case the way you would like to use it is covered by an exception. There are no guarantees. The license might not give you all necessary permissions for your use. For instance, some rights like moral rights, the right to personal data, and the image rights may restrict your use.

The objective of this repository? Continuous improvement. This license allows you to enrich the document with your own experience. If you would like to join and participate to the movement in terms of governance, enrichment, and distribution, you can contact us on the following address:
CC BY-SA 4.0 license