Experimentation, validation and generalization of innovations

Key role(s)


Set up a process of experimentation leading to standardization


Securing the experiments by preventing them from remaining at the prototype stage

The process of generalizing experimentation can take many forms but one possible process could be :

  1. Test the concepts to support the identified opportunities
  2. Document the solutions to be implemented
  3. Apply the architecture principles that govern the company to the solution (We don't want to shadow IT by multiplying non-standard solutions and put ourselves at risk by putting ourselves outside the principles of security, compliance, etc.).
  4. Transmit to the development teams so that they take charge of the refactoring of their application
  5. Generalize this solution as a new catalog service, as a new architecture template or as a good internal practice
High-level process of industrialization of the experiments
High-level process of industrialization of the experiments
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