Goal control

Key role(s)


Set up a follow-up of the objectives set in order to monitor their achievement


Being able to capitalize on successes and readjust in case of problems

Whether they are application-specific or more global objectives, monitoring must be put in place to control them. The idea is therefore to carry out a complete FinOps reporting including :

  • IT indicators for measuring effectiveness
  • Business indicators for measuring the impact of items that affect company margins
Example of IT objectives monitoring
Example of IT objectives monitoring
Example of monitoring business objectives
Example of monitoring business objectives

The above examples show an overall increase in overall costs but :

  • On the one hand, a decrease in accounting and storage costs...
  • On the other hand, lower costs per transaction and per user.

That means we're good! If unit costs are falling but overall costs are rising, it means that business volumes are increasing and so are margins!

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