Putting FinOps practices in place in a company must be supported by an organization and a certain number of key roles.

An organization
around a CCoE

A good practice that is widely recognized by market players for adopting non disruptive Cloud Computing in a company is setting up a Cloud Center of Excellence.

To support a global FinOps approach that keeps its promises, the idea is to lean on a certain number of key roles in this CCoE that distribute responsibilities amongst each other as illustrated below:
And this organization also interacts with development and finance teams as shown below:
Dev Finance App X App Y App Z Dep. A Dep. B Cloud Center of Excellence IT Manager Head of
Finance/Purchasing Lead
Architect Lead
SpecOps Program
Manager Lead
DevOps Lead R&D Lead
FinOps Head of CCoE

In a CCoE organization type or even if the FinOps lead is an isolated individual, his/her role is to define and implement the FinOps strategy and governance and to coordinate the different activities with IT and finance.

  • Setting cost optimization objectives within the IT teams and reporting activities
  • Supporting the IT teams in cost control and optimization techniques
  • Setting up reporting, reinvoicing models, and procurement policies
  • Supporting the Finance teams in managing their provisional and actual budgets and in reporting per service/application

However, the IT teams are autonomous in their everyday work and discuss with the finance teams of their departments directly.

the key roles

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