SaaS / PaaS / IaaS eligibility process

Key role(s)


Define a process for choosing SaaS, PaaS or IaaS solutions adapted to the company's needs


Improve IT efficiency

The SaaS / PaaS / Iaas selection process consists of choosing target solutions according to the context, the constraints (whether technical or functional) but also the business value of the application or service concerned.

One approach that we recommend in particular is to classify the company's applications into 4 major groups:

  • The standard applications (that all other companies also have, such as a CRM, a project management tool, etc.)
  • Ad-hoc applications** but not competitive (i.e. applications that are nowadays tailor-made but which do not bring any particular competitive advantage)
  • The value-added applications (which bring a certain added value and a certain competitive advantage)
  • The core business applications (which represent the main differentiator in the company's market and/or which are called "mission critical")

A possible eligibility process is :

  • Private SaaS offerings for standard and non-competitive applications where possible
  • Private PaaS for the redesign of core business applications in native cloud but also for value-added applications, as well as for non-competitive applications when SaaS was not possible
  • Toggle to IaaS what can't be covered in SaaS or PaaS

In fact, you will probably not have a 100% PaaS application but the idea is to aim for a maximum of PaaS components and limit the use of IaaS to the minimum necessary.

High-level SaaS-PaaS-IaaS selection process
High-level SaaS-PaaS-IaaS selection process
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