FinOps Blog
December 2020

Webinar: Understanding the challenges of FinOps for your organization, Timspirit and ITS Integra proposed a webinar to understand the FinOps issues in your organization. On this occasion, we had the pleasure to welcome:

Antoine Lagier, Senior Cloud Consultant for Timspirit, shared with us his experience gained by accompanying his clients and his conviction that FinOps represents an indispensable pillar in the adoption of the Public Cloud.

Francky Clément, Director of Commercial Operations for ITS Integra, explained the role of the MSP (Managed Services Provider) in this initiative.

This webinar enabled our participants to leave with concrete ideas for optimizing their consumption of the Public Cloud and, above all, to launch their process of adopting FinOps, based - of course - on our framework.

With the gentle agreement of Timspirit and ITS Integra, please find the presentation here under (French only).

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