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January 2022

The sustainability of FinOps

Dear members of FinOps Foundation French SIG,

Last November 2021, we convened for the second time our Senior Advisory Board*, the main governance body of our French-speaking community (French Special Interest Group – SIG) of the FinOps Foundation.

This SAB (Senior Advisory Board) is responsible for the general orientation of our community and the editorial line. It sets our content policy and the priority topics on which the members of the SIG will be working.

There were seven representatives at the second SAB meeting:

Senior Advisory Board French SIG FinOps Foundation

The discussions were intense and instructive!

We began by reviewing the work done at our first SAB meeting in May 2021. The topic identified at that time was the evangelization and acculturation of teams and organizations to a FinOps approach.

Following their work on this subject, the members of the SIG submitted an evangelization and awareness-raising document on FinOps (issues, value, personae, feedback, roadmaps, etc.), along with a questionnaire (6 areas containing around sixty items on FinOps practices) to define a maturity score.

Upcoming topics

Following an intensive ideation session, debates, and exchanges, two topics came out on top:


  • How can a FinOps approach be combined with a systemic approach to environmental management?
  • What is the genuine role of the Public Cloud in its carbon footprint? Can the Public Cloud be an asset in controlling and reducing its carbon footprint, and if so, under what conditions?
  • What tools and methods are available on the market? What are the needs of customers and the initiatives already underway?

The financial advantages and disadvantages of Public and Private Clouds

  • Which FinOps approach for the Private Cloud?
  • What financial management?

Other topics such as the impact of taxes, exchange rates, and global financial regulation; the adoption of FinOps at scale, or the state of play of financial management among French CSPs will be discussed in a future session.

We count on you !

Capitalizing is good, but contributing is better!

Become an actor of the SIG France for half a day a week or a few hours a month, by contributing according to your availability: sharing documents and experience, testimonies, writing, translation (for example, at the end of last year we translated the State of FinOps 2022 of the foundation into French), etc. We need your experience, your expertise, and your enthusiasm on these subjects! Do not hesitate to join us by contacting us on the Foundation's Slack, by email at, or via the LinkedIn page FinOps.World.

A big thank you to all the main contributors of this second SAB meeting: Aymeric (Cloudeasier), Alexandre (Orange Bank), Laurent (TNP Consultants), and the Timspirit team (Renaud, Antoine, Mickaëlle, Alexandre, and El-Hadi).

See you soon,
The FinOps Foundation SIG France team

(*) The Senior Advisory Board (SAB) is the SIG’s steering body: it aims to give us the main strategic orientations, as well as the subjects to be dealt with in priority in our various events (publications, papers, meetup, studies...). All the members of this SAB are from large customers who are concerned with the control about well-managed and sustainable adoption of public cloud solutions.

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